Thursday, December 17, 2009

Electric Cars Is The Need Of The Hour

You have seen Reva electric car in India. Not very popular with not many people going for it. But there is a craze for this car in foreign countries.

The government should encourage people to buy this car, it should device scheme for pushing the sales of this car to combat Global Warming.

Mindset, in Switzerland, manufactures Electric cars. Its chief engineer, Stephan Hartmann, drives a Mindset Six50 electric prototype car in Berlin.

The car is powered and charged by lithium-ion batteries and solar panels built into its roof-top. Upon one charge it is capable of running 100km (62 miles).

The Aptera electric vehicle is driven down a road in Carlsbad, California, USA.

The Aptera is an egg-shaped two-seater which looks like a space-age car from the futuristic 1960s cartoon,The Jetsons.

It has a look like an aircraft. Not like the ordinary vehicle that we find on road. Electric sports cars are being produced by conventional automakers.

It has a aerodynamic design and runs100 miles per gallon i.e., 42 km per litre.

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